How to price yourself with confidence in the workforce whether you're a freelancer or full-time professional

Let's cut to the chase. Over the next two weeks, I'm going to be hosting mini online sessions where we'll discuss the exact concepts and technology I used to grow my personal brand, charge the rates I desire, and find flexible work. These tactics can be applied whether you're looking to get a better full-time job, get your first gig as a freelancer, or if you're looking to work with brands as an online influencer.

In today's video we're talking about how to price your services and salary with confidence. I'm going innnnnnnn on some things you won't hear anywhere else. Trust me when I say you won't regret watching this video.

Today's homework and recoemmended next steps:

Action Items

  1. Research your current market rate and compare that to your current pricing or salary.
  2. Sign up to receive notifications through Glassdoor for updates on when your market value goes up.
  3. Consider repricing your services and strategize how to ask for a raise.