Project Manager - Scrum Master - Los Angeles, CA

Location: Los Angeles, California - Culver City
*Please note: We are not accepting remote candidates. We’re looking for someone to work out of our Los Angeles office to lead our engineering team. If you ask me if we’re considering remote candidates, you will be added to a candidate blacklist because you’re showing me that you did not read this job description, you don’t pay attention to detail and you don’t respect the time of others.

Department: Software Engineering

Job Type: Full-time

We are currently seeking a Project Manager with Scrum Master experience within the our product and engineering team. The position requires a strong, experienced project manager well versed in leading development teams using the scrum framework to organize and deliver software development bugs, projects and day to day operations. As a Project Manager / Scrum Master, you would be a key member of the product and development team responsible for expanding and enhancing the platform. You would also have the capability to engage in one-off capital projects as well as team building and Agile maturity efforts.

In this role, you will...

    • Facilitate daily standup calls with corresponding retrospectives, along with ad hoc meetings as needed

    • Clear roadblocks for the team, and escalate blocked or off - schedule work appropriately

    • Manage and track team capacity and velocity

    • Provide leadership, direction, and coaching to the engineering team to encourage adoption of good agile practices

    • Track day to day operations requests (defects, capabilities, features and user stories) and release scope

    • Ensure cross - team and cross - project communication is occurring - facilitate and drive this communication with different departments

    • Work closely with engineering and capability (product) management teams to drive progress forward

    • Prioritize typical job responsibilities in conjunction with ad hoc requests and team improvements

Qualifications of the Project Manager / Scrum Master

    • Excellent scrum master/project management skills

    • Strong presentation and leadership skills required

    • Experience working with technical team members

    • Minimum 2 years of experience in leading teams and projects using the scrum framework

    • In-depth understanding and experience in using Agile/Scrum framework to develop and deliver multiple software projects/products

    • Ability to work with Product Owner(s) to identify and document business needs/requirements/user stories and add these to the product backlog.

    • Effective communications skills and coordination of development; able to communicate with and effectively lead scrum development teams

    • Able to discuss the Agile/Scrum framework and advocate its appropriate use with team members and management

    • Analytical, group facilitation and relationship management skills

    • Ability to multitask and manage prioritization

    • Detail orientation and strong follow-through on personal and team tasks

In the first 3 months, you will...

    • Day 1-30:

    • Meet with the Lead Product Manager and Sr. Engineers to identify top priorities.

    • Meet with each member of the engineering team to learn their role, challenges and opportunities.

    • Meet with as many top influencers within different departments and ask them valuable suggestions that give you clarity outside of Product and Engineering.

    • Learn the internal workings of the company and read the company policies and procedures.

    • Deep dive into our product stack so you know how it’s built from the ground up.

    • Learn about priorities, problems and our customer base.

    • Attack one milestone that can be done and achieved in 30 days.

    • Day 31-60:

    • Understanding symbiotic relationships between tickets that filter through JIRA and the priorities that come with it. (e.g. B is easier if we do A first)

    • Understand our current JIRA workflow and start to implement an approach that consists of running sprints with the engineering team.

    • Directly work with customer support, account management and implementation on reviewing tickets that can be triaged with specific SLA timelines to achieve resolution

    • Review the list of third-party services and our business partners to study the business model and how this ties into the product line.

    • Setup Weekly Backlog Review. (Backlog Grooming)

    • Day 61-90:

    • Two months in, you’ll have sponged up enough data to be dangerous, so it’s key to start asserting yourself in small doses.

    • Uncover some unexploited opportunities within our JIRA workflow and start to implement it cross-functionally with all departments.

    • Measure, and show the success of the new process changes you’ve implemented. Use this to build trust and continue to ship improvements (and even better products)

    • Make a list of action items that will contribute to meeting the company objectives and set up a plan to reach those goals.