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For press inquiries, interviews + events: destinylalane [at] gmail [dot] com

For consulting, freelancing, and coaching: If you are a company looking to collaborate, please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below. If you're an individual looking for 1:1 career coaching, learn more here


  • Influencer Marketing Bootcamp - Learn exactly how to get featured on top publications, get published on major websites, attract clients and partnerships on Instagram, attract fans that will support you through your art, products, and services, and build your email list with tactics that work today in 2017!
  • Millennial Workforce Survival Guide - In this guide, I share exactly how I doubled my salary in six months, how I started working in tech, how to build your personal brand and credibility, and how to use Linkedin to find work in 2017. This is perfect for college graduates, anyone job searching, or those who are struggling to make a career change.
  • How to Research and Negotiate a Salary (Guide + Workbook) - Here's how to research and negotiate a salary with confidence. This guide will walk you through the exact process from start to finish when in the negotiation phase. It also includes written exercises to help you seamlessly pull together all the info you need. This guide is 57 pages long.
  • Career coaching - Online career coaching for people focused on transitioning careers, negotiating salaries, reviewing resume, and writing Linkedin profiles.


  1. I need help writing a cover letter and resume. Can you help? YES! In fact, one of the thing I'm most passionate about is helping other's find a job their passionate about and a company where they can thrive. To learn more about how I work with people, click here.
  2. I need help starting a blog or online business. Can you coach me through this? At this time, I don't offer 1:1 blog coaching. I do offer private career coaching and also offer an Influencer Marketing Bootcamp that teaches everything I've learned from working on the inside + outside of influencer marketing.
  3. I'm looking for help ASAP with a job negotiation. Can you help? Yes! I know how stressful the job application process can be and how quickly the process and move. If you're looking for 1:1 help, book a call with me here. If you're looking for more of a DIY approach, you can also checkout my salary negotiation guide.

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