The top IFTTT recipes for Instagram

Between all of the apps, websites, and programs I use every day, I'm always looking for the best ways to streamline and automate my day to day processes. One of my favorites is IFTTT.

If you haven't heard of IFTTT, it stands for If This Than That. I was first introduced to IFTTT by my friend Pavel back in NYC to automate some of my social media processes years ago.

One of the first recipes I used was one that sent me a notification every hour reminding me to drink water.  It's been a game changer for streamlining simple and complicated repeated tasks in my life.

Whether you use Instagram for work, freelance life, or personal use here are the top recipes of IFTTT for Instagram.

How to backup your Instagram photos automatically


1. Backup Instagram Photos On GSuite or Google Drive

Instantly save your Instagram photos to Google Drive (recently rebranded as GSuite) directly to Google Drive. This is perfect for businesses and project that require more than one person to be hands on with social media and graphic design operations.


2. Instantly save Instagram photos in Evernote

This recipe allows you to automatically save your Instagram photos to Evernote. Keep in mind this will only work for photos taken going forward.


3. Save your Instagram photos to Dropbox

This recipe automatically saves every Instagram photo that you take directly to a Dropbox folder of choice.


How To Automatically Share Your Instagram Posts On Different Platforms At Once


4. Post photos from Instagram to LinkedIn

If your business has an active presence on Linkedin, you can automatically share your Instagram photos directly on Linkedin with this handy recipe.


5. Post your Instagram pics on Twitter as a native photo

Our saving grace, this recipe will automatically share your Instagram photos as a native Twitter photo, not as a link. You're welcome. You can thank me now.


6. Pin your new Instagram photos to a Pinterest board

This will pin your Instagram photos to a Pinterest board automatically.


7. Automatically post your Instagram photos to Tumblr

This recipe will allow you to schedule Instagram posts automatically into your queue, save as a draft, publish, or publish privately directly from Instagram to your Tumblr blog.


If You Take Photos At Events That Need To Be Organized By Date Or Location


8. Add Instagram photos you take in a specific area to an iOS photos album

Automatically filter photos from photoshoot locations into their respected folder with this recipe.


9. Add Instagram photos to Google Calendar

This recipe will automatically add Instagram photos taken to your Google Calendar.


10. Set your Android wallpaper to your latest Instagram picture

Keep yourself creative by automatically updating your Android background to match your latest Instagram post.


Automate How You Share On Instagram


11. Add your Instagram photos to a Buffer queue

If you use Buffer to automate your social media, this will automatically add your Instagram posts to your queue.


12. When you post to Instagram, share photo on Slack

This recipe will automatically share your Instagram posts in Slack. This is great if you want an automated way to keep your team up to speed on your daily social updates. This is especially handy for marketing, sales, customer service, and anyone in a customer facing role.


13. Share my Instagram photos on

Use this recipe to instantly add a public bitlink from each new Instagram photo.


If You Need Physical Copies Of Your Instagrams For Decorations Or Design Meetings

14. Automatically print Instagram posts with hashtag #print

Have your Instagram photos printed automatically with a chosen hashtag.


15. Order prints of your Instagram photos

Order custom prints of your Instagram posts with this recipe.


If You Want To Integrate With Facebook


16. Cross-Post Instagram Photo to Facebook Group

If you would like to create a new post in a Facebook group when you post a picture to Instagram, use this recipe.


17. Automatically upload your Instagrams to a Facebook Page when you include a specific hashtag

If you want to upload specific Instagram posts to your Facebook business page that you use a certain hashtag on, use this clever recipe.


18. Share your Instagrams to Facebook

This recipe will automatically upload your Instagram photos to a Facebook Page album of your choice. 


Ways To Automate Social Media If You're A Photographer


19. Automatically share your new Instagram photos to Flickr

Co-founded by Slack founder Stewart Butterfield, Flickr was once the go-to destination for photographers to share their work. To automatically share new Instagram to Flickr, use this recipe.


20. Instagram to 500px

500px is a community website for photographers to share their work, gain feedback, and grow. You can join for free here. To automatically post new Instagram posts on 500px, check out this recipe. 

Do you use IFTTT to manage your Instagram or social media? What are your favorite recipes? Comment below.